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Reliable hosting for a WordPress site should be chosen carefully, as this task requires a special approach. If this is your first time choosing this service, check out this guide. It is very important to understand if at this stage you have a domain for your site? If you have a domain, this is very good, and if not, you can purchase a beautiful and effective domain name in our data center. We will give you an example of how the work of your site changes if it is placed on modern and efficient hardware.

Project name: X-Casta

Status: Shop online

Start date: 27 April 2020

Direction: Shoe store

Domain: www.example.com

Finish date: 30 April 2020


Check out one of the projects of our client - the online shoe store of the «X-Casta» brand. Previously, this project was hosted on its outdated server and there were problems with the speed of the site. Today, «X-Casta» is hosted on a powerful dedicated server and on a new, more interesting domain. Thanks to a specialized package for WordPress sites, this project began its dynamic development. The response speed has increased and, as a result, the stability of the project.


The tasks that our client set for us inspired us and we made an incredible product. A fine line between modern style and classical forms is what has become the result of our work. In the process of creation, we constantly maintained feedback with the client.

It was hard work. Today we can say that this is a worthy result for our professional team. The client is satisfied with the result and we received a very flattering response, which is nice. A wonderful task and an even more excellent embodiment, this is what we live and breathe for. Do you want such a result?

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